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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions?  We have answers.  Here are some frequently asked questions about our tours.  If your question is not answered please reach out to us HERE. 


What time is it in Page? 

We operate on Arizona Time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings time. Utah and the Navajo Reservation do. Do not always trust your cell phone for the correct time because while in Page, you might be picking up cellular signal from Utah.  Our advice is to set the time on your phone to PHX, AZ rather than AUTO.

March-October: Page time is the same as the Pacific Time zone. (PST)
November-February: Page time is the same as Mountain Standard Time. (MST)

What is provided on the kayak tours?

A knowledgeable guide, information about the area, and peace of mind. All equipment needed for the tour is provided: A double sit-on-top kayak, Personal flotation device, Dry box, Dry bag, Paddles, Seats, Splash pants in cold weather (upon request). 

During the tours, what is the restroom situation?

You will have an opportunity to use the restroom before you leave. Once the tour is underway, there are no restroom facilities. During the tour we abide by NPS and BLM rules by staying off trails for relief. We will have a backpacking system for emergency solid waste.

Do guides accept gratuities?

Thank you for asking!  Yes, gratuities are GREATLY appreciated. 

How strenuous are the kayak tours?

Certain weather conditions (wind!) make kayaking more challenging.... You will get exercise during the tour. If you're worried, we recommend  taking part in the Antelope ISLAND Tour, rather than the Antelope CANYON Tour. The Antelope ISLAND Tour is family friendly!  Lot's of flat paddling and the hikes can be tailored to your group and experience Level.


The Antelope CANYON Tour has a much longer paddle (5-miles) and hike (2-miles).  The water is pretty choppy in the main channel (first & last 30 minutes of the kayak tour). 

Do we pay to get into the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area/Lake Powell?

For kayak tours, yes.  There is a $30 entrance fee that provides 7 days of access to the park. Your National Parks Annual Pass works as well. Please visit the National Park Service’s website for more information.

What if I can't swim?

Swimming is not a requirement. Quality kayak specific personal flotation devices (PFDs) are provided. If properly worn, our PFDs will float you. Guests with no swimming experience regularly come kayaking with us.

What should I bring on a Lake Powell kayak tour?

  • Drinking water (at least 1-liter per person)

  • Sturdy sandals or shoes that can get wet

  • Clothing layers to help keep you warm... or sun protected

  • Sun stuff... Sunscreen, Sun-shirt, Sunglasses, Sunhat, A sunny disposition

  • Snacks if you choose

  • Phone/Camera (at your own risk)

  • SPF Chapstick

What is your cancellation policy?

Relax. You can cancel with a full-refund any time as long as it's 48-hours prior to your tour... for any reason.  If there are unsafe conditions (wind, rain, flash-floods) within the 48-hours, we will make an inclement weather call and cancel your tour with a full-refund.

Are the guides legit?

Our guides are legit! Our local guides are professionally certified through the American Canoe Association (ACA) with guiding and water-safety.  Each guide has Wilderness First-Aid, CPR and Rescue training. LPACO holds a CUA permit with Glen Canyon National Park Service. They are the stewards of the land and the lake.... and they're fun!

What is the Weather in Lake Powell and how does it effect my trip?

If you don't like the weather in Arizona, wait a minute!  We're not afraid of a little rain, but wind is not your friend while kayaking.  Our guides keep track of the weather and may make an inclement weather call prior to your trip.  Any tour a guide cancels due to unsafe weather will receive a full-refund. We do not rent kayaks out when projected gusts are above 20 mph. Check out WINDY for wind conditions.

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