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Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is one of the most photographed slot-canyons in the world! The entire canyon is over 30 miles long, the majority is located on Navajo Reservation. Antelope Canyon consists of deep drainage-channels created by sandstone erosion due to wind & water.  There are many slot-canyons to explore but the three most popular are: Lowest Antelope Canyon (on Lake Powell), Lower Antelope Canyon, and Upper Antelope Canyon. Lower & Upper Canyon are accessible only by an authorized Navajo guided tour. 

  • Lowest Antelope Canyon is on Lake Powell in Glen Canyon Recreational Area.  Kayak through the tall canyon walls until the water ends, then hike into twisty sandstone.  This is the shallowest area of the canyon and not where the typical iconic photos come from (but is beautiful to see!). Lake Powell water levels effect accessibility.

  • Lower Antelope Canyon is twisty, narrow and V-shaped so it doesn't matter what time of day you go!  The light is always perfect!

  • Upper Antelope Canyon is deeper and A-shaped so certain times of day are better than others.  Sun directly above is preferred for pictures!

Lake Powell is MASSIVE... 186 miles long.  It's a reservoir on the Colorado River located in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. The lake is located in The Glen Canyon National Recreation Area which is public land managed by the National Park Service.  


The lake is popular for: boating, swimming, cliff jumping, beach-lounging, wake-surfing, fishing, camping, hiking, and exploring Glen Canyon National Recreation Area…. But we think it's best for kayaking!  There is something life-affirming about gliding on the surface of the crystal clear waters. It makes you feel ALIVE!

Beautiful Lake Powell at Sunset

About Lake Powell 

The view of Lake Powell from Alstrom Point

Does the Lake Powell water level effect your tour?

The lake is fed by the snow runoff from the Rocky Mountains, so lake levels fluctuate greatly as a result. While the lake levels make a kayak trip into Antelope CANYON more advanced... it makes an exploratory trip to Antelope ISLAND more interesting! You're seeing islands and rock structures that havn't been seen in over 50 years! Check out the Lake Powell Water level database!

 Top 10 Must-See best things to do around Lake Powell


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